Trigoal is the new sport which using football skills for competition. The field shape is equilateral triangle and goals are placed at each corner where three teams compete with each other simultaneously. The objective is to score the opponent’s team and secure own goal.
Decision : Once a team has lost a goal, two other teams are awarded one point and there is no penalty applicable for the team which has lost a goal. The team with the highest score will be the sole winner when the competition is over.
Competition time : The competition will be in 3 parts, 8 minutes each (total 24 minutes). Extra time of three minutes will be applied if two teams or three teams tie when the competition is over. If all teams tie after the extra time, the score will be cleared and each team will participate in a penalty shootout.
Number of players : Three teams, each with a minimum of two players (depend on the field size). The number of players for each team must be equal.